I'm Hans Stahl

Hans Stahl is a highly driven and technically skilled visual artist, based in Richmond, VA, with broad ranging skills from mechanical repair, sound technology and synthesis, fabrication, 3D modeling and circuit design to video production, motion graphics and web design.

Research driven practice

Every new work or project is an exploration of technique, and more often than not, a deep dive into something entirely new.

One of my first serious electronics projects was in freshman year of college when I envisioned a piece with sequenced lights inside of shadow boxes, in coordination with sound. I had a clear vision of what I wanted for the piece, yet I had essentially no knowledge of electronics or how to achieve my vision. But I figured it out, entirely on my own and made it happen.

Since then electronics, sound synthesis and fabrication have a been common threads in my work, and now each new project is a a deep dive into an entirely new area within those existing skills. Even now there are still many things I learned from that first project, and new things that I learn about how I could have done it better

3D printing
Microcontrollers & AVRs
Sound hardware & synthesis
Lighting & camera automation
The electronics for that project from freshman year

Selected works

Here is a small selection of the gear I've Repaired
  • JEN Superstringer (Synthesizer, ARP Solina Clone)
  • Various Eurorack synthesizer modules (Doepfer, Mutable Instruments, others - Construction and repair)
  • Tascam 424 Mk II, Mk III, 414 Mk II, 688 Midistudio (Multi-track cassette decks)
  • Ampeg SVT-4 Pro (Hybrid bass head)
  • Akai 1700 (reel-to-reel tape deck)
  • Kenwood KA-9100 (vintage integrated Hi-Fi amp)
  • Moog Etherwave (theremin)
  • Casio CZ-101, PT-10 (synthesizers)
  • Leica IIIF (35mm rangefinder camera)
  • Peavey VTM-120 (tube guitar amp)
  • Crumar Stratus (synthesizer)
  • Various Color and B&W CRT Televisions
  • 16mm Singer film projector
  • Electro-Voice 100M (powered stereo mixer)
  • Audio Engine 2 (powered monitor speakers)
  • Roland RE-501 (Tape delay, chorus, and reverb)
Click here For Rates and more repair Info - Nothing is too broken or too obscure (for the right price Of course)

Electronics Repair & Restoration

Do you have broken audio gear or electronics, vintage or new?

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